Sunday, September 26, 2010

Patty's Wedding!!

Patty got married!! Here are some pics.
This is Patty's new home. Its slowly being repaired but is very cute. They have a large kitchen and three fair-sized bedrooms. Uncle Ron and Kristy decided, in order to welcome the new couple to their humble abode, to short sheet their bed, crumble cereal and bread crumbs between the sheets, and a tea bag in the toilet.
Here's me in my 'wedding-going' clothes. I bought almost the entire outfit at Value Village (Hurrah for Value Village!).
The sister of the bride . . . Allison came home for a couple of weeks to help out with the wedding. She's returning to France on Tuesday, and will be coming back at Christmas. (What a wonderful idea - people coming HOME for Christmas . . . HINT HINT HINT!!)
Here is the blushing bride and proud groom looking all snazzy. Patty's dress was very beautiful and elegant. Her colours were red, black and white (very classic . . . and if you notice my dress is the accumulation of their colour scheme - HURRAH for Value Village)
The proud grandparents! Grandma and Grandpa were asked to come early to be part of the wedding photos (taken before the wedding - GASP - that's right, Patty and Andrew saw each other BEFORE the ceremony!). Both couples (new and not-so-new - 63 years this October!) looked fantastic!

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