Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bassoon Extravaganza

Who knew - bassoons, while they look funny, can make a very beautiful sound. They're kind of like the cello of the woodwinds. The music faculty at McGill had Bassoon Day today, which culminated with a free concert. I'm up for anything free (I got free lunch and snacks because I was at an all day seminar, so I thought I'd just keep the free rolling). McGill brought in two professional bassoonists from The Netherlands - and they were very good. In the pics of the smaller group - they are the only two ladies. One played the bassoon, and the other the contraforte (the tuba of the woodwinds). It was a pleasant event. The event ended with almost the entire audience (there wasn't many people there, maybe 60 people) getting on stage with their bassoons and playing a couple of pieces together - they did a great job. There were white hairs and young whipper-snappers - A nice mix (there was a total of 46 bassoons on stage).

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