Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Only in Quebec . . .

Yesterday, Montreal 'celebrated' its 100th day of student protests! (So much for my theory that the protests would end once summer began and the students started protesting on their own time.)  Anyways, yesterday the protestors (students and now concerned citizens of Montreal) invented a novel way of voicing their displeasure against the Jean Charest Government (the protest is no longer just about tuition, but the 'anti-protesting' law Bill 78, the blatant corruption and all other manners of annoyances - great and small).  At 8pm sharp, people in neighbourhoods around the city, leaned out their windows, stood on their balconies and made noise - they banged pots and pans, they shouted, they chanted and they clapped.  Today, at 8pm sharp it started again.  They've been at it for 1/2 an hour already, though it has gotten quieter (its tiring banging a pot - not that that I know from personal experience . . . ).  Today, one of the residents in the building seranade the mainly percussion beat with his/her sax - at one point they actually had a good thing going.   I tried to capture the sound in MP3 format, but I can't figure out how to attach it to the blog - anyone know who it can be done?

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  1. Hey Rubba!
    Ha ha, that would be very interesting to hear. Its funny how creative people can be when they want to. How long will they be doing this type of 'protest' which seems a bit unusual if you ask me.
    And sorry I've got no idea but you can check out this site:
    Maybe it'll help.