Sunday, June 10, 2012

Montenegro trip

These are some of my pictures from my time in Montenegro!  We weren't in a 5 star hotel as we had hoped but were down graded again to the 4 star hotel which was still wonderful. I forgot to take pictures of the hotel though. But I think that you guys know what a hotel looks like.
 This is the beach and a rook that I thought was cool.

 These pictures are taken from the 'Old Budva" in Montenegro. The old town was a walled in area that had houses and shops.
 This is the wall of the old town and sun bathing. I never noticed but I'm so thankful that this man is wearing swimming trunks. I think that I've seen enough speedos for a while.....
 There were all these fish fighting over this piece of bread. 
 I really liked this place. It was cool and very beautiful. Beside it was a tunnel that brought you to another part of the beach.
 We had an OM Albanian fun night and our team put it on. We made everyone wear funny frog hats and then we had games for them to do.
All alone where we were, was a walkway along the sea and it was hotel after hotel after hotel. Very Beautiful area, but I don't think that I'd like to be there in July and August.

Montenegro is an amazing place. Very clean and pretty. I hope that you guys get to see it one day!
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