Saturday, February 27, 2010

Plenty of time under the wire . .

I was planning to leave this post until 11:59pm Saturday night (still before Sunday) but I had some time in the afternoon, and well, I guess I didn't want to stay up too late.
Life is Winnipeg is going well. Work at the lab is continuing as usual, with no recent escapades of ransomed underwear or disappearing socks. As it is Lent there is a suspicious increase in desserts and goodies in the lab lunch room. One of my fellow co-workers is Roman Catholic and is a strict adherent to the 46 days of fasting. His loving co-workers insist on tormenting him with bringing in all wonderful kinds of treats, apparently Nanimo bars are a favourite. He's a good sport about it, and doesn't cease to rise to the occasion to mourn his inability to consume said delights. Needless to say, I have to be very careful to not overindulge, easier said than done I'm afraid. I had to resume running to help ease the guilt.
Beyond work, life is going pretty fair. I've picked up some shifts at KD this upcoming month, I'm hoping to do some volunteering at Siloam Mission (hopefully starting this Tuesday), and I'm looking into a pilates/dance/yoga place not far from here. The price is pretty fair, and it is conveniently close. I'm also still attempting to sew, I'm much closer to finishing my shirt, I have one sleeve, the neck band and the front done. So now I just have to finish it (maybe when I talk to you all tomorrow morning it will be finished).
Good news!! I have learned a new and very important ability. All of you now know someone (me) who is able, with just the might of her lungs, deshell a hard-boiled egg! Yes I know it is quite a feat. And because I'm feeling generous (and am trying to make this post long enough to rival Dad's), I will enlighten you all on this amazing parlour trick, which you too can learn and impress all your friends (and students) with. 1st. Boil your egg. This is important, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, attempt this with a raw egg, not only will it be gross, but also very messy. The only way to truly boil an egg is (Lynnette pay close attention . . . you too Mom), place your egg in a saucepan with water, place it on the stove and turn the correct element on (the correct element being the one beneath the saucepan). Once and only once the water is boiling, set a timer for 10 minutes and leave the pot of water (with the egg) boiling. Watch carefully to ensure it doesn't boil dry and you end up with a egg-plosion (MOM). 2nd. After the 10 minutes has past (note: time must be 10 minutes, not less - Lynnette, nor more - Mom). Run cold water over the now hard-boiled egg in the saucepan, effectively cooling the hard-boiled egg. 3rd. Gently crack both ends of the egg and remove a small portion of the eggshell from each end. The 'pointy' end of the egg will be were you will be applying force air (ie your mouth), and this hole should be slightly smaller than the non-pointy end hole. 4th. Place your mouth over the hole on the 'pointy' end, create a tight seal, then blow! You may want to have a hand ready to catch the soon-to-be air-born shell-less egg. VOILA, your de-shelled egg is ready to eat. DELICIOUS!!! Season with freshly ground salt and pepper and you have yourself a wonderful and health part of a balanced breakfast.
Well, I don't think my post is quite as long as Dad's, but hopefully it has brought smiles to all you Manitoba-abandoners. I Love you all Muchly, millions and billions, trillions and kazillions to infinity plus one, Plus one more than all of you!!!


  1. I will have to try that little trick out when i get some more eggs. Also by the way Beck your post was still much shorter than dad's post. I am sorry but you have a ways to go to rival our non-talkative father.

  2. Nice try Rebekah but of course your father wins, I don't think any of us can match him. He is certainly not the Stong Silent Type. But I love him all the same.

    Thanks for the detailed process for removing a hard boiled egg from its shell. Did you actually try this? I would like to see a video demonstration of this.