Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life Lesson 159: No matter how much your hair is bothering you . . .


Monday was a crazy, frizz, almost an afro hair day. I mean it was out of control - I was sporting a very "nice" finger-in-the-light-socket 'do'. Annoyed and frustrated by this fly-away mop, I decided to do something about it - cheap style like. I cut it myself. Thats right, I, the girl who can't cut a straight line even if my life depended on it, stooped to the lowest of low in cheapness. Instead of coughing up a bit of cash a month before my next hair cut was due, I cut it myself. Now, here I will try to place the blame of my loss of sanity on my roommate and mother. You see, I figured to myself, that 1. Shelley and Rachel (and I think Kerry, and even Santana), often have taken a set of shears to their golden (or maybe ebony) locks, and they have survived (with nicely coffied tops), and 2. Mom has often taken the bull by the horns and chopped her own waves (and Dads - though I'm not sure that that counts), and still is as beautiful as ever. So I figured that I, a bright, relatively energetic individual could master this hair cutting thing - Hey I won a gold medal for microbiology so how hard can it be. Well, cutting your own hair is much more difficult than you would think. A LOT MORE! Here are some lessons that I learned: 1. if its your first time cutting your hair don't just start hacking - THINK ABOUT IT FIRST, 2. wet curls are longer than dry curls, and 3. sometimes you just have to STOP, but down the scissors and WALK AWAY!!!!

Actually, the hair cut isn't too bad, a little short, for sure, but I can live with it until it grows out in, lets say, a week. As you will probably notice, the hair cut didn't relieve the frizziness - curses upon humidity and thunderstorms and all that horrid rain!!!

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  1. Oh Sweetie - so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o cute. I laughed so hard, I nearly split my stitches - literally. There is a trick to cutting your own hair. "Take only a little at first". Stick to the top, front and sides. Remember wet curly hair goes shorter when it dries if fact it is better to cut it dry. But most importantly wear a big smile - it always makes even the worst of hair cuts look good. Uneven and lopsided hair is the new look these days - smile, be happy. Fortunately for the female gender in this family, all will look great in a few days. No worries!!!

    I love it honey - the look is so you - tousled and unruly, with a mind of its own, just like the owner. Your posting is a keeper.

    Love MOM, laughing all the way to the hospital to get my stitches redone.