Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day in the life of a english teacher in Hungary

Hi all

Alright I have a precious brief moments to outline the average day in the life of a english teacher in Hungary.

7 am:  wake up and get the kids up (usually involves yelling breakfast time down the hall and banging on doors as loudly as I can)
7:30 am:  After I have yelled breakfast time a few times I head down the stairs (I live in a 7 floor dormitory) and bang on the girls door 2 floors below ours (they do not like waking up on time)
7:35 am:  head for breakfast and see what is on the menu and help out where necessary
7:50 am:  finish up with breakfast and grab what I need for lessons for the day (usually what I need is not there so I have to get creative)
8:30 am:  I start my first session
10 am:  I have a short break to take care of everything that I forgot everything to do in lesson preparation
10:30 am:  back in class for another 90 minute session
12 am:  kids go for anther 15 minute break and I try to run around getting everything I need for the third class
12:15 back at class for the last 60 minute session, usually this is a little unplanned as I am pretty tired by the time it is time to plan for the last session.
1:15 Class is done for the day and I head down for lunch
1:30 I finally manage to eat after handing out food and taking care of any concerns
1:55 I have to finish and head to a meeting for english teachers for 2
2 English teachers meeting where we talk about the highlights of the day and the low points and compare different techniques.
2:30 leave the english teachers meeting and run to the camp meeting (where I don't know what is being said but I am expected to attend anyways)
3 finish the meeting and then either take care of anything in the afternoon for the children or start lesson planning.
6 head down for supper and start to serve food to the children and find out what the plan is for the evening
6:45 finish with dinner and head back to keep on working on the lesson plan or to get ready for the evening program
8 - 10:  evening program, this may be anything but we are always expected to be involved in some way
10 run back to the dorms for a quick shower before going back to lesson planning
10 - 2am or so:  work on lesson plan and if I am lucky enough to finish early hang out with friends for a while.
2 head to bed and get a little sleep before starting everything all over again.

I have to run I have to get back to lesson planning and preparing a exam.

Love you all


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