Saturday, January 8, 2011

And now for something completely different

HAHAHA alright well maybe not something completely different but it did manage to get your attention, at least that is the hope.  So being a student I am always on the lookout for quick, cheap and nutritious recipes to make and today I came up with a good one.  As a student I certainly have had my fair share of pasta with all kinds of different toppings and after a while you get bored of the typical toppings but today good family I came up with something different.  PASTA WITH YOGURT!

If you have already experienced this before then I don't need to tell you about the versatility, deliciousness and cheapness it is to make pasta with yogurt.  I had come across the idea while looking for dinner ideas online, now I know that you all are saying it is impossible it just can't be done it is a well known fact that when you heat up yogurt it separates and goes all grainy and weird.  You would be very correct as you have to be very careful when heating yogurt as it will do just that but I think that I have found a solution.

For this recipe the first thing that you are going to want to do is boil some water, because the pasta can't be very hot when you put the yogurt sauce on it I suggest making the pasta first as it will give it some time to cool down before applying the sauce.

After you have the pasta cooking then what you are going to want to do is heat up a frying pan and add some chopped onions, if you are like me and love the flavor of caramelized onions don't be afraid to use a couple of onions to get lots of onion goodness in the pasta.

Once you onions are well on their way to being cooked, be careful to keep an eye on the pasta as there is nothing worse then overcooked pasta, you are going to want to add some garlic.  In this case I have become lazy and bought some premashed garlic so I am going to add about a teaspoon and a bit (whatever feels right). At the same time that you add the garlic throw some cherry tomatoes in as well so they can get all nice and warm all though out.

The pasta is probably done so drain your pasta and set it aside (off the heat)

Now once your onion, garlic and tomato mixture is ready throw some salt into it to spice things up and then mix the mixture in with your pasta.  Now for the next step you are going to want to turn the heat way down on your frying pan (if you have not already done this) and let the pan cool a little.  Once the pan is just warm you are going to add your plain yogurt (I am sure that you could use a flavored yogurt but that would be just weird).  Anyways warm up your yogurt just until it gets runny (it shouldn't take very long), this will make it easier for you to spread your yogurt though your pasta as well as take all those delicious flavors from the onions and the garlic from your pan into your pasta.  I would suggest adding a little salt to the yogurt mixture as well or else your pasta may end up a little bland (I don't usually cook my pasta in salt water but if you have you may want to skip this step).

Anyways once that yogurt is runny you are going to add this to your warm pasta and mix it all around.  Then voila you have a delicious meal just waiting to be eaten that is nutritious, cheap and easy to make.  Three good things if you are a Van Bruggen.

If you have any dinner suggestions which meet the criteria of being fast, cheap, nutritious and easy please forward them on to me as I would be ever so grateful.



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