Sunday, November 22, 2009

Have you Heard?

Here is the gossip from the grapevine.

1. Lynnette had a date last week. She didn't give all the details but we heard that he is a self-employed man in the wool industry.

2. Wes has a couple of women on the side. He claims that he's not dating but he seems to be spending a lot of time and energy going for "coffee".

3. George is spending time on an Online Dating website. He claims that this was a computer virus but he certainly spent lots of time there.

Stay tuned for more gossip.


  1. HAHAHAHA Ya I heard the first and last rumors and in fact I know them to be true but the second rumor is complete lies. Also I heard that Becky is seeing a cute scientist and that is what is keeping her so busy, she would like us to believe that it is work and school but she is not fooling anyone with that story!

  2. I agree Wes, there has to be something some secret that keeps her working all those long hours.