Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sketchy train and Durres

So at 7:45 I was on a sketchy train on my way to Duress with 3 of my teammates. The train had holes in almost every window. Some looked like bullet holes like the pic! We had to walk across a small bridge between the two wagons. While it was moving!!! We went for hotchocolate. this one is not as thick as they usually are. But Beck notice the spoon. Then we went to the amfiteater (Albanian spelling) it is like the one in Rome but smaller and it is not as well kept. Here is a pic, but there is actually more to it that is still burried.
We then went for pizza, notice the pizza with potatoes and carrots on it!!!!
We came home and because our wagon did not have any lights, a train worker gave us a single candle to light our cabin. So romantic. We came back around 7pm. A really great day!!!

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  1. Amazing. I wonder if those a bullet holes in the windows. When would they have happened - you would think that the train company would have fixed them unless they were recent. I need to do some research to find out more about the political situation in Albania.

    Interesting Amphitheater. What is the history of the place? Miss Historian could you look into the history and get us some background.

    Interesting pizza - was that shell fish on the pizza too. Do they eat shell fish in Albania? Since you are on the sea I would imagine that fish is a major part of the menu there.

    Thanks for the intersting pictures.