Monday, November 30, 2009

1 Down . . . 7 to go

Happy "LAST DAY OF NOVEMBER" everyone!!

Today I had the first of eight exams in the next three weeks. It went alright, though I definitely did some fancy guess work for a couple of questions. . . .OOPS! Oh well no time to think about it, I'm on to studying for the next one (tomorrow morning). Did everyone remember that yesterday (as in November 29, Sunday) was the first day of Advent. Did you remember to light the candle of Hope? I must admit that I am now listening to Christmas music (Micheal W. Smith's Christmas album to be exact!), even though we still don't have snow on the ground and it doesn't really feel like the Christmas season.
What are you guys doing to celebrate Advent?


  1. We did remember that it was the first Sunday of Advent. Dad put our candle log together and he took out our Christmas tree. I am looking forward to doing some Christmas baking.