Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hey family!
here are some pics
I will try to explain them as we go! I went on two picnics. One with Eunha and Tracey and one with people from the church! We had a great time!!

Eunha, Tracey and I went for a bit of a coffee picnic one day but the mossies were hungry!
This is where we had our picnic was, the sun was going down! Really nice!
This is our Korean leader's bosses daughter, you can tell that they are Korean by how she is dressed like an eskimo!
the trees were all changing colour!!! So beautiful, not as vivid as home but still beautiful! And where we had a picnic with people from the church!!
The monastery where the guy who freed Albania got married. We didn't get to actually see inside but only from the distance!!

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  1. Do monks in Albania marry? The Korean Bosses Daughter looks so Korean. Those Korean 'dressing' genes must be firmly planted. Nice pictures. Would love to see more of the countryside and the people.