Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hi All

I first want to apologize because I don't have any particular pictures for this event. I wish that this was not the case as it was really quite the sight. Anyways on Wednesday there was a big game between Slovenia and Russia to determine who would be going to the World Cup (Soccer championship held every 4 years), this was really a big deal as Slovenia has traditionally never had a strong team and beating Russia was really a big deal. I met up with some other guys from class and we headed down to the university to watch the game with about 100 other students. It was really an awesome sigh to watch as everyone was really excited about the game and you certainly could feel the electricity of excitement in the air. The game started off to a good start and just before half-time Slovenia scored the first and only goal. Seriously the crowd went wild and everyone went even more crazy when the game finished with the final score 1 - 0 for Slovenia. Now I have never been a really big fan of soccer but it was hard not to get excited as everyone was really into the game. After the game finished everyone headed downtown to celebrate all together, we found ourself in the main street which had been cordoned off by the police there honestly must have been a few thousand people all yelling, shooting off fireworks (I am certainly glad that I was not trying to sleep or living downtown) and singing (Slovenians love singing) it was certainly a sight to behold. All in all it was a great night.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Are Slovenians really patriotic? Koreans are rally crazy about Soccer too. In 2006 when Korea was playing in the World Cup, the whole downtown in Daegu was shut down and they mounted 3 large TV screens in the street. Aparently the crowds were amazing and it was quite the party.