Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Visa Run

Hi all

I finally made it with all my documents to Trieste to apply for my permanent residency it only took me about a month to get everything together but I can finally breath a sigh of relief all I now have to do is wait. I actually only spent a day in Trieste because of obligations here in Ljubljana, so that made the trip a little difficult as I had to be up by 3:00 to get on the train for 4:30 and from there it was a combination of two train switches and two buses before I finally reached Trieste 3.5 hours later. Anyways it didn't take me much time to get all my documents all sorted out so seeing as the next train was not leaving until 14:40 this gave me some time to wander around. After having a coffee and delicious dainty I set off to do something a little more constructive, as I was not really in the mood to go shopping and I was by myself (and there is only so much coffee one can consume without consequences) I decided to do a little exploring. These are pictures from my exploits.

Notice all the Christmas trees, Italy is already in full Christmas mode. In the Cafe that I went for coffee and then the Cafe that I went for lunch there were Christmas Carols already playing.

The weather was overcast the entire time but the temperature was nice, I am guessing about 12 or 13 degrees with a nice breeze.

I know that you have already seem this area before in my other pictures however it was just too nice to pass up an opportunity to take another pic.

Anyways I have to run but I will talk to you all later.


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  1. Thanks for the pictures Wes. The city looks beautiful. Nice place to go for a quick holiday.