Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas in Ljubljana

HI all

I don't have any pictures yet because the last few times I have been down town I have forgotten my camera but Ljubljana is officially in the Christmas Spirit. There is a massive Christmas tree downtown which was cut down just outside the city and there are lights all over down town. Also they have little venders all over the place selling hot wine. What is hot wine you may ask well it is something that I am sure even you non-drinkers would enjoy. It is basically red wine which is heated up and served with some spices (usually cinnamon and cloves) and sweetened a bit. Everyone here in Ljubljana has their own version and I vow that I will try to find the best version out there. There honestly is not much better then sitting outside (yes we can sit outside the temperature is only about 4 of 6 degrees in the evenings and they have heating lamps all over, actually I have been told that people sit outside all year long) and enjoying a hot wine or two while chatting with friends. Life is good.

Also on an unrelated note I have been enjoying Burek (Lynnette I am sure that you have tried this), I am not sure if I have mentioned to you but burek is basically like a pastry (philo dough) with beef or cheese, or pizza fillings in between the layers. It is good greasy food, it tastes delicious but the thing is that while I may like burek, burek does not like my stomach. It is just a little too greasy for me which is a shame.

The one last thing is I managed to find those cupcakes in Ljubljana, they didn't have pumpkin so I had to settle for banana (cream cheese frosting), milk chocolate, chocolate orange, and dark chocolate. They were pretty good I must admit (defiantly the best cakey thing that I have tried here so far). American thanksgiving was really good the american girl who made it was all in a tisy that she ruined the meal but it was delicious, especially the sweet potatoes (made with lots of butter, brown sugar, and pecans) actually it was more like a dessert then it was a side dish but I was not going to complain.

Well that is all for now I am going to try to remember to take pictures of downtown this week to show you what it looks like.

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  1. It sounds wonderful. One day I hope to get to Europe during the Christmas season. I really do miss all the lights and sights and sounds of the Christmas season. Asia just doesn't do Christmas. On Thursday, we went to a concert put on by the students where some Christmas songs were sung. It was an excellent concert - Koreans are so very musical - it had a little of all types of music - rap, barbershop quartet music, contatta-like music and jazz. Really enjoyed it.