Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hi all

So I am pretty sure that I am the first one to see Avitar seeing as mom and dad were unable to see it, Lynnette is in Albania (enough said) and Rebekah is well Rebekah.

As far as this movie goes I have to say that the special effects are awesome and you really should see it in 3-D because it really adds something to the file.  However as far as the story goes I would have to say ti was pretty standard, in fact after all the hype I was even a little disappointed I guess I just expect a little more out of a movie.   That being said I would for sure recommend seeing this movie if for nothing else just for the special effects which makes it worth while to see once.  I am not sure if there is a Oscar for special effects but I guarantee if there is this movie will win it.



  1. I've never heard of this movie. What is it about??? What do you mean 'Lynnette's in Albania (that explains it all!)'?? We just have more IMPORTANT things to do here, like watch Home Alone and Princess Diaries dubbed over in Italian. Its really funny to see some who are supposed to have guy voices all of a sudden a few octaves higher. Its really funny!

  2. I honestly don't know if you are pretending that you don't know about Avitar or you actually don't know about the movie Avitar!?!?!?!?!?!?! If you have never hear about the movie Avitar then my comment about "Lynnette in Albania (that explains it all)" was explained even more then I could have ever done on my own. Thanks

  3. HEHEHE apparently the joke is on me because Avitar is spelt Avatar (hahaha I should have probably double checked the spelling before making fun of you). Oops it looks like I am the one with egg on my face. Maybe spelling knowledge does have a place in this increasingly electronic world (either that or I should stop believing that i am smarter then spell check because apparently this is for sure not the case). Sorry about that Netty

  4. Ha ha! i wish I could say that with the spelling change it made a lot of difference, but.... i'd be lieing. Nope still don't know it but am working on youtubing it right now. Done. Looks interesting. In 3D would be cool.
    Hey you make fun of Albania but we now have the largest shopping centre in all of the Balkans and it has a little skating rink in there with penguins to hold onto while you learn! Now how coool is that! Oh and we have AFC, thats right Albanian Fried Chicken!

  5. I wonder if the colonel knows about this AFC I am sure that he would have a thing to two to say about the situation. By the way itsn't weird how we spell colonel it required that I google it to figure out the spelling. Anyways back to the AFC do they have the same deep fried greasy chicken that you would find at a KFC or if you are french a KFP? Do they have toonie tuesdays? when we were in Budapest everyone was excited because they had KFCs to eat at (and by everyone I mean everyone but me because I hate the stuff, I had it back in winnipeg a year and a half or so ago and the thought of it still gives me an upset stomach). I am fairly certain if KFC was called BFC no one would have wanted to eat there (also BFC brings up thoughts of weird diseases or a mall we have here in Slovenia BTC) Speaking of the BTC I hate to burst your bubble but the BTC mall here in slovenia is one of the largest malls in Europe with over 500000 m, it has over 400 stores, a 3D movie theatre, a spa, go karts, laser tag, a beach volleyball court, over 30 resturants, 5 car lots, and on and one. This is not just a mall this is a small city. By the way are the penguins real because that would be the only way you could beat the BTC if the penguins were real.

  6. Dad and I saw Avatar last night, unfortunately not in 3D. We escaped to Pohang last night after Dad's class and went to the movie theater. They don't have a large enough theater in Pohang to do the 3D thing. The graphics are amazing, even though not 3D. I agree with you Wes, the story line is so so - Hollywood - the guy gets the girl in the end and becomes the hero, the bad dude dies - typical stuff.

    If you have an opportunity,watch 'Crossing' - a film about North Korea. Dad and I watched it on YouTube. It's in Korean with English subtitles. I'm looking for a DVD for this movie. IT's an eye opener about the situation in North Korea.