Monday, January 25, 2010

May not be Venice but pretty notheless

Greetings from Winterpeg
We woke up to a recent snowfall and the city is covered in a beautiful white blanket of snow. Actually it really isn't cold, in fact very warm from January. Yesterday Rebekah and I headed out for Grammas church after talking with everyone over SKYPE. The bus system, as you know, very slow on a Sunday but we did manage to get to church 30 minutes before it began. We met Mom and Dad coming out of their service and they advised us to attend the service to hear the special speaker which is what we did. This weekend was the conclusion of a marriage seminar and he was the invited speaker. He spoke about marriage and was very good - spoke from Ephesians about living an exemplary life. After church we went to Mom and Dad's for one of Mom's famous full course lunches complete with rhubarb dessert. That afternoon we played rummycub for an hour or so. Mom loves that game. We caught the 7:00 bus back to the condo but the weather has turned and there was a strong north wind blowing - we were shivering in our boots. Sorry no pictures of our little adventure.

On Saturday, we went skating at the Forks. While we were there, a dog sled passed us - a man had driven the dogs down from Churchill. He was just arriving at the Forks and there was a big welcoming committee for him there - politicians and all. Interesting. We wandered around the Forks for awhile before heading over to MTC to watch a musical.

There are a few things I really miss about Winnipeg - the smell of woodsmoke, pine trees and crisp clean snow and live theater. This week Church of the Rock is having a drama that we are going to go see, I'm looking forward to that. Just after I leave there is a production at the Warehouse that looks really good - I would have loved to see it. Oh well, I guess they will just have to stay in my memory.

On Tuesday, the plan is to drive out to Kathy and Tim's for a part of the day and then on Wednesday, Mom's choir is having a games event in the afternoon and Mom invited me. I will be playing rummycub with 20 or so seniors. Should be fun!!!!

Well, it's not Venice but I still think its beautiful. Have a great week everyone.

Love MOM


  1. OHHH you got the rhubarb dessert. Every time I am at grandmas I get the lemon dessert so when you get the rhubarb dessert you know that you are getting the special treatment.

  2. Yeah it was good. However, Gramma made it with the artificial sugar so there was an unpleasant after taste but the initial bite was very good.