Monday, January 4, 2010


Hi All

I just got my hands on a few more pics of Budapest form a friends camera so I thought that I would post some photos which I didn't get.

The intrepid travelers with the exception of one (someone had to take the picture)

Another view of the Parliament building

In front of a massive church in Budapest (no I don't remember which church it was)

Just a random pic on the street

Wes vs The Iron Curtain (Iron Curtain 1 - Wes 0)

That is all for now but I am expecting to get some more pics from one other in the group so I may have a few more pictures to post.

Love Ya


  1. These are AWESOME pics Wes! I especially like the pic of you and the iron curtain. So whats up with the iron curtain? Where was this?

  2. The Iron Curtain was the ideological and physical divide of Europe into two parts from 1945 (end of WW11) until 1991. This was a physical metaphor to symbolize the Iron Curtain, we found it in front of a museam and the intrepid travelers were kind enough to point out that it was not the real Iron Curtain (just in case the North American was confused)

  3. Ya I knew about the Iron Curtain but I was confused to see the physical form of it. Thanks for the explaination! Do you know that when you write you could be an encyclopedia? :P

  4. Oh by the way in the 2nd pic from the top, you and the girl beside you obviously didn't get the memo that no open mouthed smiles are allowed! It makes you look too friendly!

  5. hahaha ya I noticed that when I posed the pic, it was early in the morning (well if you call 11 early in the morning) and I guess that intrepid travelers are not really morning people with two notable exceptions. As far as the Iron Curtain goes you can't really make a curtain out of iron sheets it just would be illogical so that is why they went with chains (I really have no idea why they went with chains but it was fun to play with and really isn't that what history is all about making it fun for people in the present to play with)

  6. Did you visit any museums while in Budapest or just churches? It would be interesting to get more of a history lesson about the former Soviet Union countries? It's difficult to read the history books with all the dates but it would be interesting to understand how it shaped these countries and the changes that have occured since the fall. The history of Europe and Asia have much to teach us about the nature of man.

    Dad is really looking forward to being in Europe in a couple of weeks. He has been doing lots of reading and looking at maps. He is amazing for accumlating information about geography and history. I rely on him to tell me things - much better than having to read it myself in a history book.