Sunday, January 31, 2010

Whatz up with the Winnipeg van Bruggens?!?

I have been informed that it is my time to post, as I have neglected to do so as of late. Its been great having Mom around, she's been spoiling me rotten, making me pot pies, stews and purchasing meat for my clean freezer (thanks to Mom), along with treating me for dinners . . . Eat Bistro is wonderful . . . their soup is to die for (cream of lemon chicken, with chive milk foam, orzo pasta , onions and all other kinds of deliciousness), and helping me purchase a pattern and fabric for a shirt, plus so much more. I'm going to miss having her around . . . though perhaps it will be a good thing as I've been horribly lazy, and eating way to much good food.

We have been keeping busy. When I'm at work (fending off the underwear stealers, and killing my chickens . . . did I tell you that one of them was chirping . . . you could see it was chirping in the egg. . . then I had to kill it . . . ah the things we do for science.) Mom's been visiting family, going to games "night" with the seniors, spending time walking around Superstore at Bison Dr. waiting for her mother to show up, who claims to have also been at the Bison Dr. Superstore waiting patiently for Mom, shopping, reading, preparing for her courses etc etc etc. In the evenings we've gotten our hair cuts, watched movies and plays (we saw the Divine Comedy at Church of the Rock . . . we had seen it before a long time ago, its about the pastor who takes over a crumbling church and is tasked with bring attendance up to 100 people, the leadership of the church is filled with numerous characters including the lady who upon receipt of a Jehovah Witness at her front door wraps herself in tin foil as she happens to have no clothes on, being right from the shower . . . the play was OK a little strange, but Grandma enjoyed it!), and just spending time enjoying each others company etc etc.

All in all, it had been a great two weeks! I'm going to miss her when she leaves!

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