Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The great adventure continues

Hi all

I am just writing to let you all know that dad has successfully left Ljubljana.  After some searching on the internet it was decided that the best way for dad to get to Albania was to go to Skopje and then look for a connection there.  We had been told that there are a number of connections from Skopje to Albania however we were not sure of the time, but you know how dad is and I am sure that things will work out great.  Also some good news was that we were able to transfer some euro to dennars before dad left Slovenia for the bus from Skopje so that is one less thing that needs to be worried about.

It is funny I  am entirely use to living on my own but when I left dad at the bus station I had a momentary thought of doubt "how am I going to do this on my own" but then I remembered that I have been managing just fine up until know.  It is funny how the arrival of a parent sometimes makes you second guess your abilities.  I am not sure if this is everyones experience but I find it tends to be mine.  The feeling soon passes and within 5 minutes I was running for a bus with a million different things on my mind.

Well I have to run there is much studying to be done but dad will be missed even his constant asking of geographical questions that I had no idea about or his wanting to keep to a "normal" (as he put it) schedule of meals.  It was a great father son bonding experience and one that I hope will be repeated sooner than later, just not too soon.

Love you all


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