Friday, January 15, 2010

Exploding Eggs

This week was full of big and small surprises.

First, an interesting opportunity surfaced to realize a project that Dad and I have wanted to put in place for quite some time. We mentioned to one of Dad's students that we would like to create an online community for our students for some of our classes. This student took this idea and presented us with a surprise. He knew someone who could put this together in exchange for some help with preparation for a job interview. So between Dad and I, we have been working with this young man helping him to prepare for his interview and in exchange he has setup Moodle for us to use with our classes. Dad and I are co-teaching an Advanced Communications class. We won't have a text book, just provide readings and online text. We want to use Moodle for manageing the course work and the readings.

Second, I took on the task of co-ordinating the writing of a Handbook. It started out as a realatively small project - just write 2 chapters for "the book". However this week it quickly blossomed into a major project that required bringing extra forces ie. your father. Originally "the book" was supposed to be 150 pages but this week, we were given the directive to increase to 200 pages. After writing my sections I needed to format and compile everyones chapters, making it look like a book. Dad has been involved in editing and expanding on my sections increasing the number of pages. It's been intense.

Third, in reference to the title of this blog, yes, eggs do explode if left on the stove too long. Early Friday morning, I offered to make breakfast because Dad was wading through "the book". I thought that hard boiled eggs and toast would be a nice lite breakfast since the night before we had been to Daegu and enjoyed a large but very nice Birthday meal. I set the eggs in a pot of water on the stove and decided that while that was cooking I would get some more work done on "the book". Well, it drew me in and I completely forgot about the eggs until we heard this loud pop from the kitchen. As soon as I opened the door to the livingroom/kitchen, we were met with this wall of smoke and acrid smell. The eggs had boiled dry and eventually exploded - pushing the top off the pot and projecting pieces of egg around the kitchen. It was quite impressive but the smell was awful. Needless to say, even after opening all the doors and windows the smell still permeated the house later that night when we came home from working at the office. Yuk!!!

Your father is looking forward to his vacation - no editing books, no exploding eggs, no interview questions with students - just sighseeing, cafes, hugs, and relaxation. Me, I'm still tying to find all the pieces to the eggs, ways to defumigate the house and the e-mail address of everyone who needs to see "the book" before it goes to printing.

Signing off on a week full of surprises and little egg bits.

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