Monday, October 19, 2009

Hot Choco/coffee madness

Wes - the pictures look great - you've got some large mountains over there in Slovenia! Is that a river or a canal we're looking at? Have you added some shots of the University - if so, which ones are they? It would be great to see you in some of the shots too - is that a possibility?

hekebeR (the REALLY correct spelling!) I can understand your jealousy about the REAL hot chocolate that big brother is enjoying - that sounds wonderful (and probably tastes even better!) - must be nice to have the REAL stuff - wish we had that in S.K.!!

Your parents are doing well - we miss going out for coffee - we're just too busy with our lesson preparation and marking - its part of the culture here - plus, there are too few good coffeee shop alternatives here at Handong (a total of 3 on the whole campus - let alone the surrounding area!). Oh well, such is life! Speaking of lesson preps., its time to get going again!

Take care, fellow roamers!!!!

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  1. Only three coffee shops that is a crime! I think that the Slovenian people would probably revolt if that were the case