Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jealous and Busy in Manitoberr

I am so jealous Wes!!! Real hot chocolate, I mean REAL hot CHOCOLATE!!!! Wow (SIGH)!! Here I am stuck in Manitoberrr with stupid powdery non-real hot Chocolate, with no castles of any kind (at least not yet . . . no snow just rain!), AND I happen to be the most busy van Bruggen, since obviously Wes is just going out for coffee (and we all thought you were going for your masters), Lynne is . . . actually I'm not sure what Lynne is doing since she NEVER emails me (except to ask for stuff) and Mom and Dad, well they're just teaching english (nuff said). I on the other hand, have labs, lab preparation, classes, four midterms in just over a week and work!!! Not to mention everything else that I have to do for my wandering family members!!!! (No No I'm not bitter . . . . ok maybe just a little). Actually, everything is going OK here, (even without the Real hot chocolate and castles).

1 comment:

  1. Awh!!! I feel so sorry for you. You are our 'rock', the most stable out of the bunch of us. Our hats go off to you for keeping the family in peanut butter and sugar twin. Thanks Beck, your day will come when you are off traipsing around the world and the rest of us will be slogging it out behind a desk.
    You rock girl.