Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Musings from the East

Thanks Wes for getting this going. I am looking forward to reading and seeing more about the adventures of this family. Hopefully this will be the incentive we all need to REMEMBER the cameras. I'm afraid that forgetting the camera is a disfunctional genetic trait that runs rampart in this family. It must be mastered and not be allowed to control our roamings.

Hope to hear from Rebekah assuming that she is not suffering too badly from frost bite. We are sending you all our warmest thoughts and hoping that they will keep you warm while you wait for the furnace man to arrive. This is a good time to gather the room mates around and do some quality bonding time. Break out the blankets and fire up the popcorn machine for a sleep out in the living room. Sorry that it happened now but I guess if there has to be a positive side to this, it is better now than in the middle of January.

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