Wednesday, October 21, 2009

University of Ljubljana

Hi All

As per request here are some pictures of my facility. The university here in Ljubljana is not set up like a normal university, all the facilities are not located in the same area they area actually located all over the city. These are pictures of the Economics facility. I apologize as I am still not very good at taking pictures so I have not really been able to do justice to the facility but at least this gives you an idea.

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  1. Thanks Wes for the glimpse onto the campus. The building in the last picture has an interesting dome shape on the roof. Is this some kind of observatory? Are the Economic buildings located to other university buildings or is it on it's own smaller campus? I remember that you mentioned that the university buildings were scattered around the city. Are there cafeterias on campus and dormitory buildings? Or do all students find off campus housing?
    Enough! Enough! you say! Just trying to get a sense of where you are.