Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mystery Coffee

Hi All

What happened to me today is a perfect example why I really like Europe. Two days ago I received a text message on my phone which was intended for someone else, being a true Canadian I was concerned that the person who did the texting know that they had the wrong number so they would not feel slighted when the other person did not respond. So I texted back (yes that is right I am getting into this texting thing and I even enjoy it) letting them know that I was not in fact the person that they were looking for. After I sent the text message I received another message asking me who I was so I explained that I was a Canadian studying in Slovenia and gave my name. Then this person texted me to let me know that if I were interested in coffee they would be happy to chat a bit about Slovenia and give me some helpful hints. In the spirit of being in Europe I agreed and we met today for coffee, they are seriously big on their coffee here honestly not a day has gone by where I have not gone for coffee at least once. The guy (I had no idea if it were a guy or girl) turned out to be really cool and was pursuing a masters in international business so we talked about business a bit and he gave me lots of helpful suggestions on places that I should visit while I am here (he even brought a map to give me) and even offered to set me up with a friend of his who speaks french if I were interested in learning. We ended up talking for 3 hours and I left with his email address and a promise that I would email him so we could get together this winter for some snowboarding. This is why I love this country seriously people are so friendly and interested in everything that you have to say.

Also while I was waiting to meet this guy for coffee I snapped some more pics of town town Ljubljana. Note the mountains and castle in the backgrounds.

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  1. Nice pictures. Have you visited that castle yet? The city looks very beautiul. I can't wait to come and see it in person. You do know that we are all coming one day soon and you will be acting as host taking us around the country. I'm not sure when this is going to happen but soon. It probably will happen for Dad in January/Feb but I will have to wait until later. By the way, how are the phone rates there? Here it is cheaper to text message than call so I encourage my students to use text messaging.