Thursday, October 15, 2009

Real Hot Chocolate

I know that this is my second post for the day but I have to tell you about this hot chocolate that I just had (sorry no pic this time but maybe next time). So I spent all afternoon having coffee with my mystery friend then when I got back I was home for only about 20 minutes before my phone rang (stupid cell phones) and it was my tutor who was wanting to know if I wanted to go for coffee. Instead of coffee I opted for the hot chocolate and boy was I ever surprised, it was actually a cup of melted chocolate mixed with a little cream. Yes you heard me right here in Slovenia hot chocolate is actually hot chocolate, not some powdered mix with milk (if you are luck) or hot water but actual hot chocolate. So good but I can honestly say that I will not make it a habit. Also to make things even better my tutor treated. Man I love this country!

Also here are some more pics of Slovenia that I didn't post the first time.


  1. I love the pics Wes. It reminds me of Germany . . . I actually miss Germany . . . so much fun. Europe is really really neat!

  2. Nice pictures. I agree with Rebekah, it does remind me of Germany. Tree lined little cannals running through the city, outdoor cafes. Interesting concept for Hot Chocolate - I guess it makes sense since Europeans a purists - none of this instant stuff for them.