Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hi all

I ended up taking an unexpected trip to Trieste Italy today. I have to go to either Trieste or Zagreb for my temporary residency however today I was woken up by a text from a friend of mine wanting to know if I would like to go to Trieste today, seeing as I had no other real plans my answer was a lively YES I WOULD LOVE TO GO!!! One hour later I found myself on the way to Italy (which was slightly amazing as I had no plans and then all of a sudden I find myself on the way to another country (and Italy at that)). The trip down was very uneventful except for the fact that this friend of mine is German so we were doing about 180 - 190 on the highway (the usual 1.5 hour trip was over in less then a hour), direct quote from the driver "these roads are much too nice to go the posted limit of 130 I don't even know why they bother posting speed limits at all".

The city was beautiful and there were so many things to see and do, I am afraid that my pictures do not do this beautiful city justice. Of course the first thing that we had to do after arriving was go for a coffee as it was already 10 and we had not even had our first coffee (a crime in Slovenia). Plus Trieste produces 40% of the coffee that Italy drinks so we had to try it. We ambled towards the this town square (the bottom photo) where we sat in the sun and enjoyed an Cappuccino and the pigeons, it is a little strange there were so many pigeons around and no one really seemed to care.

After we had our coffee we headed out to look around and do a little shopping however we found out that the stores were open from 9:30 until 13:30 then closed until 15:30 and were opened until 21:30 so as a result we ended up just wandering around. Also interestingly the streets were pretty empty for most of the day however after 17:30 the city really came alive and there were tones of people around shopping, going for coffee and just hanging out. I wish that I would have been able to take a picture however by that point my camera's batteries had already died

You are never really able to entirely capture the moment with a camera but in the case of the picture with the pillars this could not be more true. Picture this organ music coming from a little church that was behind us, the smell of the sea wafting up towards us and the warm sunshine raining down on us. Really there is nothing that can capture that.

Trieste only has a population of a little over 200000 people but it is built on a hill so you spend much of your time climbing hills and there are lots of little narrow ally ways it is really a remarkable city and I can't wait to return and explore it some more.

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