Saturday, March 6, 2010

Challenge of the week

Hi All

I realize that the week is still not yet up and there is still time to get your food post up (mom and dad I am looking your collective direction as your children have been successful in meeting the challenge criteria, even if Lynnette's post is a little questionable).  I would also like to point out that both mom and dad should be submitting their own recipes and entries to these challenges.  We all know that you both can complete each others sentences and are often thinking the same thoughts but still we know that you can both cook so there is no excuse not to each post something to the blog.

Anyways my new challenge for next week is breakfast.  I know that everyone in our family loves breakfast so prove it by posting what you made for breakfast (I guess we can allow food that was not made this week), the only catch of it is that you have to make your recipe your own.  Now to explain what I mean.  We all know how to make french toast and pancakes but what did you do to make your breakfast unique to you, this could be a different topping than what we normally have, or perhaps the addition of an unusual spice or it could be something that no one has ever had before.  If you have never taken a recipe and made it your own now is the time.  This week my challenge to all is to post your unique breakfast recipe (it does not have to be made in the last week but lets be honest if it is delicious why wouldn't you want to make it anyways).

I will talk to you all later.

P.S exploding eggs supreme is not an acceptable submission mom

P.P.S since it is generally dad who does the making of breakfast I think that we will give mom a pass on this challenge (unless she wants to prove us wrong)

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  1. I'm up for the challenge. Don't count my out on this one. I can make some great baked breakfast goodies.