Thursday, March 4, 2010

Double Date

Sooo.... a few weeks ago Pastor Edi (his name is too long so P.E. for short in this story) invited Tracey, Blerina (my language teacher) and myself out for dinner. I asked Tracey to be my date and she, naturally, agreed. The OM team is secretly hoping that P.E. and Blerina hook up, so we like to try and encourage them! But we couldn't go for supper for a few weeks because things kept coming up. But last night we finally did it!
The night began like this:
6:00 pm: Tracey and I went to the church to meet Blerina and P.E.
6:30 pm: Tracey, myself and P.E. went to go pick up Blerina who was still getting ready. (typical)
6:40 pm: back at the church because P.E. had bought us three girls a blue rose (which was given to Blerina) and then we had to go back to the church because we had to put the rose in water.
6:45 pm: while waiting for PE and Bler. to put the rose in H2O I rode a bicycle.
6:50 pm: we are on our way but to where??? PE. jokingly says Durres. We say 'yes', and he says OK.
7:30: driving around in Durres trying to find this one restaurant that PE. wants to eat at.
7:35: pull over to ask people
7:38: driving knowingly on a one-way... the wrong way.
8:00: finally at the restaurant and ordering. We ate baked fresh fish that still had its teeth, eyeballs, and fins! Ummmm.... really good actually!! And risotto with 'fruit of the sea', meaning random pieces of sea animals like shrimp, octopus tentical (yup only one), some random squishy thing, and something that looked like a small tongue... (ewww) but really delicious. Oh and mussles, Ummmm mussles! The dinner was good with only a few stupid things spoken by yours truely, a good start! :P
9:30: finished (no toliet stop here because the toliet was TOO smelly) What to do now???
9:45: in an akullore (gelati/ice cream) shop for some ice cream. I got three flavours: chocolate, a lighter coloured chocolate and biscotti. How did I get those flavours? Well, that is the joy of language learning, I pointed to one flavour and asked 'are these chocolate?' (pointing to the two chocolate flavours) or so I thought, but I guess it sounded like 'ummm i'll take these two chocolate ones" because thats exactly what I got. Ha ha! Oh well, at least I LIKE chocolate!
10:20: leaving and trying to find a bathroom so go to a little local. Since you can't just use the bathroom you have to buy something, ended up drinking a tea.
10:35: try to use the bathroom but come back out a moment later really embarassed and losing all the desire to pee, as I can't find the light, no toliet paper and the smell should keep anyone away by at least 10 feet.
11:00: what to do, what to do.... oh I know.... A walk on the beach!!!!!!!! Sooo beautiful! Sometimes you couldn't tell the difference from where the sea began and the sky ended, they were one! The moon was gorgeous and the clouds in the sky.... wow... wow!!!!!
12:00: left to go home
12:30 at home!!
We had an awesome time!! Wow, so good. Here was the random song that became the theme song to the night (because its funny, kindof sounding like a polka, and being really random!)
If that doesn't open go to youtube and look up Simon and Garfunkel "El Condor Pasa (1970)" (what would you rather be?)
Now, its almost 9pm and I'm exhausted because only got like 4 hours of sleep!! Naten e mire!


  1. I am not really sure if this should count as meeting the criteria to the challenge I believe the criteria was something that you made. In all fairness I will open this up to the rest of the family, what do you think should this posting be allowed to meet the criteria for the food challenge or should we require Netty to post something that she actually made?

  2. I have always wondered what fruit of the sea entails but I have always opted for other options. It is good to hear that it consists of random sea animals.

  3. I agree with Wes, I don't think that this posting counts as a food posting . . . though I did enjoy reading this posting immensely, it made me giggle.

  4. Sounds like a fun evening. I have never heard of "Fruit of the Sea". I saw on the Internet an interesting recipe for Linguine Ai Frutti Di Mare (Linguine with Fruit of the Sea). It uses clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops and calarami. Looks spicy.