Sunday, December 27, 2009

Albanian Christmas part 2

Look at the eyes... no LOOK at the eyes....the thicker the makeup the better (especially on the eyes for most Albanians!!) Its crazy!!!!
So... my hair was straightened BUT try to straighten naturally curly when the humidity is 100% and what do you get???? A 'striagthened' frizzy fro!!!!! Oh yes you know its true!
Do you see the tall white girl? Oh thats me!!! I'm dancing Albanian. We all hold hands and dance in a big circle! I love it because I never know what to do with my hands when I dance. Now I do.... you hold onto someone elses!!!
Tracey and I went to an Albanian hair dresser (shes a dear sister from Church) and she did our hair and makeup. We look VERY Albanian now with lots and LOTS of makeup on!
I got a Kinder surprise!!!!!
This is my Santa's Sack that Tracey put in my room at 1:30 am when I was sleeeeeeeeping.... full of wonderful goodies!!!!
This was my present from Nicole: the movies Beaches and Steel Magnolios and the book Sacred Hearts


  1. Wow!!! Is that our daughter? All that makeup makes you look so much older. I'm so glad that you don't do that on a regular basis. Did you enjoy your Christmas Dance? Was this for the community or just your church? Did you meet any shepherds? Did they dance with you?

    What was in the Santa Sack?

    Nicole - what a good friend? More faithful that your parents or siblings.

  2. Ya I second the above comment, you are too pretty to cover up with all that makeup