Saturday, December 12, 2009



There are two reasons that I am posting today the first and probably the most predominate reason is I am looking for a way to waste some time I am getting sick of reading about vertical integration and all the considerations which need to go into deciding whether or not a firm is better off to buy from the market or to simply vertically integrate.  The second reason is I was on the bus yesterday coming home from lunch and I noticed an advertisement for Gregorian chanting, now I am generally a curious person and since I have never heard any gregorian chanting I decided that I needed to explore this musical genera more carefully so when I got home instead of cracking the books to read more about the delightful subject of vertical integration.  I hit the net to find some Gregorian chanting and I came across this group called The Gregorian and they do untraditional gregorian chanting (!?!?!?!?! i know you are all thinking) well let me explain this group of monks? chant more up to date songs for instance I downloaded an album of beetles songs and it is very relaxing to listen to (I may have even found something that I am able to listen to while I am studying because it is soothing without being interesting enough to make me want to listen to the words).  Anyways I just thought that I would throw that out there for something a little different to look into if you are looking for some new music.


P.S I also changed some settings on the blog so I am wanting to see how the new settings work.  If everything works as I hope we will all now receive email notifications whenever someone posts on the blog or makes a comment.  I am hoping that this relieves some of the surprised "you posted on the blog?!?!?!" also Netty I am not sure if I got your email right so if you read this post and didn't get an email telling you it was there either shoot me an email with your email address or comment on the post and I will make the correction.

P.P.S my new thing is using crazy combinations of ?!?!?!?!?!? to express both shock and surprise, in case you were not able to figure that out from my post.


  1. I like the crazy combinations of ?!?!?!?!?!!? it is very effective!

  2. Can you give a website where we can listen to the Gregorian Chant that you are listening to? I'm interested in listening.

    Thanks for setting up the notification system. I like it. It is ever so disappointing to go to the blog and see that no one has added.


  4. just becareful with the chants because they are often connected with Eastern spiritualism and then you don't know what door you are opening in the spiritual realm that is not from God!

  5. fear not they are simply chanting beetles songs which are surprisingly quite good chanted