Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas in Slovenia

Hi All

I know that I have been promising pictures of Ljubljana however I just have not gotten around to it until now.

I am sorry about the quality of this picture, I still don't have the hang of taking pictures at night, stupid slow shutter speed and shaky hands (this is why I could never be a surgeon)

The castle is lit with a number of different color lights, white is the most boring color but the picture turned out the best, I took like 40 different pictures of the castle hoping that one of them would work out and this was the best picture. The problem was that the castle is up on a hill and I am taking the picture from the city which is heavily lit so most of my pictures are either very blurry because of all the lights in the fore ground or you can see the lights in the fore ground but the background is just black.

I know that these lights are a little strange but that it was designed by artists so what more needs to be said. I am going to try to take a picture of some more Christmas decorations which look to me like sperm trying to fertilize an egg but I am not sure how the picture will work out.

This i must admit was pretty they have a number of giant christmas trees like this all over the city all done up in lights. Very nice.

It is strange here, since the weather is very nice it seems there are a ton of people in the center of town just hanging out and drinking hot wine and eating and meeting and shopping. You for sure would never see anything like this back in Winnpeg, I like it!


  1. Beautiful pictures. Love all the lights. That's what I miss. Dad and I have strung lights all around our apartment. Not good for the electrical bill but nice for the soul.

  2. it is a little strange but they do lights all over town but no one really decorates their homes with lights so it is a little backwards.