Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in Korea

Sorry I didn't take any pictures but we had a good time. Sunday morning, Nusha called and we drove into Pohang to pick her up from the bus station. It was a nice sunny day so we drove to Homigot (the most easternly point in Korea) to see the ocean and wander around watching people taking pictures of themselves and the ocean. We found a coffee shop and sat and had coffee for a couple of hours. Back at the apartment later that day, we made supper (mini quiche, peanut butter chicken, stuffed mushrooms and tomatoes and pumperknickle bread). Next day, JeongHo and Lily and children came over and we spent most of the day together. After they left, we watched the movie Life is Beautiful on YouTube. On Sunday after church, we drove into Daegu to take Nusha back and then went for supper with a Napalese family that we have known for a couple of years. We got home around 9 last night. Your father was quite tired and needed to get his rest as he needs to be alert and motivated for his classes this week.

It was a different Christmas. I'm getting used to these holidays now - not being with family and slowly getting over the loneliness of missing home. My preference would be being with you guys and I am hoping that we will be able to have a Christmas together in the near future.

Love you and missing you.

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