Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vienna (Christmas 2009)

Hi all

I am back from Vienna and let me tell you Vienna at Christmas is lovely.  When we arrived there was no snow on the ground but it snowed all weekend and it was very Chirstmassy.  In Vienna we stayed with Andrew (couch surfing) and he really took care of us, he was showed us all around town including a place to get the best Schnitzel in town.

When we first got to Vienna we checked out the University of Vienna

some pictures from inside the University.  The University was unbelievable beautiful but it was cold (not cold in nature but cold in temperature) the ceilings were so high it would have been impossible to heat.

After the University we checked out some churches and Christmas markets. Here is a picture of the Christmas market at night with the town hall in the background.

After we finished at the Christmas market we wandered around at the center of the town a little and here is a picture of the main castle downtown.

Some pictures of downtown

We decided to call it an early night because we had a big day on Saturday.

We started off the day by checking out this castle (it was Sisi's castle (who ever that was)).  After the castle we hit some art galleries and generally spent the day looking around Vienna and I must say that it is beautiful, so beautiful in fact I want to go back during the summer.

Sunday we went to a few buildings and art galleries, below is one of the buildings that we went to see.

It was a really good trip and if you are interested in seeing more pictures check out my facebook profile.

I had a great time and certainly intend on returning.  I have to run you all have a great day and I will talk to you all soon.  Love ya all.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Looks lovely. What is the cost of things in Vienna? I'd like to see it in the summer too.