Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shoping anyone!!1

Dad and I are trying to connect with different groups of students on campus. Tonight we hosted a dinner for 11 Chinese students. I attempted to make some Chinese dishes, drawing on my limited knowledge of Chinese cooking. I think it went OK - they certainly ate lots - there was very little left over. We played Catch Phrase afterwards which always brings lots of laughter. We play it where if you get caught holding the gameboy when the buzzer goes off, you have to sing a song, do a dance, tell a joke or story. This usually leads to lots of laughs and craziness.

Tomorrow we are heading into Daegu for a shopping trip. Does anyone want anything? We need to stock up on some groceries from Costco and pick up several items. We haven't decided for sure but we may stay overnight and come back on Saturday.

Our classes are done, we just need to calculate marks and enter them into the system. On Monday, Dad begins the class for the winter break. My class was cancelled due to lack of students. That's OK with me as there are lots of things I can do to keep busy.

Well toodle-do. Need to go to make my list for shopping tomorrow - thinking about doing some Christmas baking next week.

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