Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hello Hello,

Well Winterpeg is starting to feel a little more wintery-like. The temperatures are closer to normal (for this time of year . . . there was a windchill today of -22) and WE HAVE SNOW!!! Not a lot of snow :( but still . . . ;) While Winnipeg may not be decked out in all the finery of Ljubjiana (or however you spell it), we do have snow which makes Christmas look pretty! Also, while I may not have the pleasure of enjoying mulled wine under the heating lamps of a small outdoor cafe, I have discovered that cooked pudding is ridiculously easy to make and exceptionally delicious (even the roomies like it). I may even make some more today (so much chocolately wonderful goodness). Why you don't like it Dad, I'll never know! When you come home Mom, we'll have to make some together!
I hope that everyone is enjoying their week!

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  1. Mmmmm Chocolate Pudding. I look forward to making that pudding with you Becky. Congratulations on finishing your lab exams. Now just need to study for the finals and then you are done girl. Yahoo